At Viking Air and Solar we are committed to providing safe clean efficient power at an affordable price. We have over 25 years experience in the heating, cooling and energy field and can assist you in choosing an energy solution to suit your needs. We can supply the components for do-it-yourself installers and provide engineering and application assistance. We may also provide you with a completely engineered turn-key installation. Our primary service area is Central California but we are affiliated with a world wide distribution organization located in South Jordan, Utah which can assist you with your installation regardless of where you are located.

Some Tips and Knowledge:

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Tips

It can be tough trying to reduce your monthly energy bill. Have you looked at the appliances in your home and considered what their energy efficiency ratings are? Your major home appliances can add a substantial amount to your electricity bill. If they all are inefficient, there is not much you can do to lower your bill, but replace those appliances. Most of us do not want to go this route, as it can be expensive and take a long time to recoup costs. If the appliance is still working, we generally don’t think about replacing it. The truth is old appliances, while still working, may be even more inefficient than when they were new. This especially rings true with air conditioning repair and replacements. A run down air conditioning unit will use much more electricity than you would expect, often enough to cause alarm when you see your electricity bill!

As a general rule of thumb, if your air conditioner is over 15 years old, it needs to be replaced. This is partly due to the system just having too many worn parts to make a repair feasible, but the biggest reason is that newer air conditioning units have advanced technologies that make them much more efficient. For example, the highest efficiency air conditioning units today have advanced cooling fins which wrap the refrigerant pipe in a 360 degree wrap to ensure maximum cooling capacity. These advanced fins make the air conditioning unit much more energy efficient. New fan blade designs for the external unit pull more air through these fins while using less energy to turn the fan. It is little details like these that can really make the biggest difference.


How to Reduce Air Pollution Generated From Your Home

It is observed and concluded that an average home contributes towards air pollution more than an average car. It is mainly because the major part of the energy used in homes comes from power plants which burn fossil fuels; causing acid rain, global warming and smog. One other fact is that our reliance on appliances is so much that they account for more than 30% usage of home energy. So, to choose an energy-efficient home appliance becomes essential in order to save your environment and your money. National Standards are also developed and being improved day by day, to help you in upgrading your household appliances and save energy.

So, how do you decide how to upgrade or replace your residential appliance, given that all the appliances give pretty much same look on the outside? Don’t be fooled, as they vary in terms of appliance repair cost, operating cost and energy efficiency. When you go to buy a home appliance, below is a simple guide in the form of steps that can help you to a larger extent.

– Selection of style and size:

First of all, select the location and measure the space of the area where you want to place the appliance. It will make it easy for you to order the right size.

– Make estimations:

When deciding about the model, keep in mind that you can actually save money in a long run by buying a more energy-efficient model, although it may be more expensive at the onset. Incentive programs like low interest loans are also being offered to encourage buyers to have energy-efficient appliances.

– Go through the energy guide:

A yellow and black label is attached to all the appliances, representing the estimated annual energy usage. Going through this guide can make it easier for you to buy a correct appliance.

One important thing to note here is that it’s not all about having the right product; the method of using the right household appliance also makes a big difference.